The Challenge

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To be able to manufacture LP’s with the best possible quality, the source is extremely important. Challenge is only satisfied with masters of the highest quality. The ideal, of course, is an analogue tape, but ultra-high resolution digital files can also yield some spectacular results. Eric Stom: "The music ends up in the grooves by the shortest possible route. The files aren't compressed in any way. We don't process them at all during the mastering process. No tricks or gimmicks. The source is sacred."

Eric Stom has years of his own experience in this area to fall back on. "It's been a real benefit to me that I've worked during both the analogue and digital eras. When I started out as a sound engineer everything was analogue until the CD came along. It was really interesting to be up close to this evolution. I still really enjoy switching back and forth between these two techniques. I get the best of both worlds. And I'm constantly surprised by the results: the directness and energy of the analogue LP just has no parallel, as far as I see it."