Challenge Vinyl
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Issuing albums on vinyl marks the start of a new and special chapter in the history of Challenge Records International. The Dutch record company has made its name in recent years by issuing high-quality jazz and classical albums. So far, this has mainly been on CD and SACD (Super Audio CD). The resurgence of vinyl has inspired Challenge to use the experience and knowledge it has gained over the years to issue albums as LPs as well. The music, the sound quality and the artwork have to make the album outstanding in every respect, including in LP format.

Challenge Vinyl is an initiative of Challenge Records International B.V. 

Challenge is an innovative record label, established in 1994, which aims to provide the very best quality products for all lovers of original classical, jazz and pop music. On our website you can find an overview of our artists, catalogue, series, tour information, history and new releases.

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Lean more about our catalog at: https://www.challengerecords.com/catalogue