The Process

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Mastering and pressing albums is done at Record Industry in Haarlem, as well as at the in-house Artone studio. The vinyl pressing plant dates back to the 1950s and used to be owned by Artone, CBS and Sony. It has been operating under the 'Record Industry' name since 1998 and has built up an international reputation as one of the finest and most innovative pressing plants in the world. The firm not only presses records for other record companies, but also has many years of experience in working for audiophile labels from throughout the world. Here, too, every stage of the process is handled with the greatest care, for instance in the choice of the lacquer plates used for cutting the album on the vintage Neumann cutting machine. Traditional lacquer or metal? The music is always the driving force behind decisions like this. In the same way, they only use vinyl granulate – the material from which the LPs are pressed – of the very highest quality.

Eric Stom explains: "The final result must be a special album in every respect. The most important thing is for the music to reach the listener as directly as possible. Every nuance and every emotion. It's about more than just listening to music. It's about the whole experience of the music."